Google announced that the popular children app, YouTube alternative YouTube Kids for the little ones is now available for more screen. This is great, now my daughter don’t have to be glued to her iPad screen only.

Since launching just over two years ago, the YouTube Kids app has become the go-to destination for families around the world with more than 30 billion views and over 8 million weekly active viewers. Starting today, the YouTube Kids app will be available on LG, Samsung, and Sony smart TVs in the 26 countries where the app is currently launched.


The YouTube Kids app will be available on the following television sets: all 2015 – 2017 LG webOS TVs via the LG content store, all 2013 – 2017 Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-Ray Players that have access to the Samsung App Store, and after a firmware update on 2016-2017 Sony TVs (with the exception of Android TV, which will be available soon). Happy viewing from our family to yours!

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Is it Christmas?

Let me drop this here and take a look again on: 12/24/2017

Current answer is no btw.

Twitter Live

It seems like Twitter is planning to jump on the live stream business soon a la Facebook live.

Twitter COO and CFO Anthony Noto tells BuzzFeed News.

The company, which reports first quarter earnings Wednesday, plans to air live video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week inside its apps and desktop site, building on the 800+ hours it aired in the first three months of 2017, Twitter COO and CFO Anthony Noto told BuzzFeed News. Call it Twitter TV or The Twitter Network, the always-on realization of Twitter’s current live video offering of sports, news and entertainment programming is on its way.


“We will definitely have 24/7 video content on Twitter,” Noto said during an extensive interview about the company’s live video strategy last week. “Our goal is to be a dependable place so that when you want to see what’s happening, you think of going to Twitter.”

This was a logical move if you ask me.

Google’s Chrome browser can now speak more languages:

Today, neural machine translation improvement is coming to Translate in Chrome for nine more language pairs. Neural machine translation will be used for most pages to and from English for Indonesian and eight Indian languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. This means higher quality translations on pages containing everything from song lyrics to news articles to cricket discussions.

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If you are an Apple centric webmaster who from time to time post affiliate link to the iOS App Store (like this site), likely you’ve received an email from Apple today letting you know that starting May 1, the rate will be reduce to 2.5 ouch!, that’s is down from 7% globally.

Nonetheless, changes won’t affect other iTunes affiliates likes to music, book, TV.

If you depend on affiliate income from the iOS App Store, this could definitely effect your income flow. Here at I can honestly tell you that the affiliate program for me hasn’t been working at all. Currently I don’t have ads or any other way to monetize the site for now.

Overcast 3.1

The popular podcasting app Overcast by developer – Marco Arment has been updated with tow new neat features.


Stand alone playback on your Apple Watch

With this feature, now Apple Watch users can send episodes to the watch via the ‘Send to Watch’ option, of course you will need to have Overcast installed on the watch. The option is available once you tap the queue button. Keep in mind that transferring episodes to you watch can take some time, depending of the size of the episode you are sending. Yes, you now be able to listen to your favorite podcast while you are out, without the need of your phone via bluetooth earphones and your watch.

New custom dark icon

Later this year iOS 10.3 introduced the ability for apps to offer custom icons to users, which can be changed by the user any time. Overcast 3.1 includes a special dark icon that’s available to premium users only.

Get the app free at the App Store.

Because Change is Good

It happened again, the site was redesigned one more time out of the blue, after I thought, I was really done messing around with the design. Wrong!

When I wrote about it here, I really thought that was it, is done. But was I so wrong, again felt the urge to change it one more time. And yet at the same time, how can I be focus on writing content, if every other day, I be looking at the site thinking, may I should change this or maybe that. Believe me, I did like how the site look before, but to me it wasn’t unique. It was simple how I wanted it to be, but blend and boring, at least to me. Besides the colors and font changes, I’ve decided to removed the comment from the site, wrote about it on my last post here. Another reason and motivation to get rid off the comments features was this post by Shawn Blanc. In addition to that, removing the comments feature kinda speed up the site, I was using Disqus, which is great and all, but no thanks.

Some work still needs to be done, am looking at you site tittle 🙂, might change the font and size, and probably add a logo.


After some thoughts, I’ve decided to turn off the site comment feature. The way I picture Read This Post to run is fast, clutter free and must importantly distraction free. Is not that I don’t want all the noise comments bring to a blog post but, instead I want you to read the post for what they are. For opinion on any topic here, simply get to me via Twitter.

According to a report from the, Google is planning to introduce to its mobile and desktop platform an ad-blocking feature.

In one possible application Google is considering, it may choose to block all advertising that appears on sites with offending ads, instead of the individual offending ads themselves. In other words, site owners may be required to ensure all of their ads meet the standards, or could see all advertising across their sites blocked in Chrome.

Interesting move by Google, if in fact they go forward with this plan.

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Because backing up your Google accounts is never a bad idea, this is a help tutorial by Matthew Guay, from Techinch.

Some of your most valuable data lives in your email account. Even though a shiny new email address can be nice, it can also be frustrating if you have to leave your old data behind or switch between accounts.

Or, you could take everything with you. Here’s how to migrate all of your Google data from your old account to a new one—email, contact, calendars, files, and more.

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